Auction for Sellers

  • Options: Offer clients and customers new options for their unique position
  • Control: Seller defines the timeline and terms
  • Targeted Marketing: Consolidate a year’s worth of marketing into a short and highly concentrated 4-6 week marketing campaign
  • Buyer Focus: Buyers commit to the process, eliminating negotiations, contingencies and distractions of other property on the market
  • Qualified Buyers: Surface qualified buyers and eliminate tire-kickers by only allowing the most well-qualified buyers to bid at auction

Buyer Psychology

  • Urgency: Immediately change dynamics, propelling buyers into action
  • Control Reversal: Buyer’s thought processes are reversed in favor of the seller: Before: “What is the least I can pay?” After: “What is the most I can pay and still have value?”
  • Qualified Buyers: Buyer is required to conduct due diligence prior to the auction, are invested in the process and well qualified